Fence 101:

Fences come in many varieties and can serve a number of purposes. They can add esthetics or curb appeal to a property; create a border between two properties; create a barrier for security, privacy and safety; delineat unique areas within a property; add sound level protection from near-by roadways; form a containment area for pets and livestock; and last but not least, define a boundry to keep wildlife outside of your vegetable garden or property.

Fence Source offers a wide range of pre-fabricated and semi-custom fence solutions directly to the homeowner and professional contractor. We carry an inventory of the most popular fence styles and hardware/supplies for those who love the hands-on aspect of customizing their property. Choose from top-grade western red cedar, eastern white cedar, pressure treated and PVC/Vinyl, plus coated steel and polypropylene web for deer fencing. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can create panels specifically for your needs.

Wood fence panels are typically 8' wide and vary in height from 3' to 8' — and can be taller — depending upon the style of fence you prefer. Posts, caps, and hardware are ordered separately allowing you to add a look of your own. Posts and caps come in 4" x 4" (3.5" sq), 5" x 5" (4.5" sq), and 6" x 6" (5.5" sq) sizes, and in 8', 9', 10', 11' and 12' post heights [lengths]. Posts are also available as blank posts, end posts, line Posts and corner posts. Don't forget to add a walkway gate* or a driveway gate* if you are enclosing your entire property. Use accurate dimensions when planning your fence. *A Note about gates!

PVC/Vinyl fence panels are similar to the dimensions of wood fences. The one big exception is the 8' width is often measured from post center to post center, not the distance between the posts. Be sure to check the listed specifications when ordering your PVC/Vinyl fence components. The illustrations to the right show some basic terms and configurations for Wood and PVC/Vinyl fencing.

Deer fence material is available in rolls, made in polypropylene web and PVC-coated steel web. Vinyl-coated pipe or a choice of wood posts can be ordered to compliment your natural landscape.

Once you have finalized your selections, we will assemble the materials and hardware necessary for your project. It can then be picked up at our facility or we will deliver it to your home within Connecticut or Westchester County.