POST - SuperPost 36" Length

Item #: Superpost4W

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Superpost4W Superpost 4" x 4" Brown 4x4x36
Superpost4B Superpost 4" x 4" White 4x4x36
Superpost5W Superpost 5" x 5" Brown 5x5x36
Superpost5B Superpost 5" x 5" White 5x5x36
A Patented Wood Fence Post Protection System That Is Affordable And Easy To Install

 The SuperPost Post Protector:
  • Provides a dependable, inexpensive, removable fence post system for RV and boat owners
  • Provides superior post protection against rot, fungus, and termites
  • Protects wood posts from lawn mowers and weed eaters 
  • Prolongs the life of wood fences, decks, mailboxes, or any structure using wood posts
SuperPosts come in two different sizes made to fit standard 4x4 or 5x5 wood fence posts. The vinyl sleeve is stocked in 36" size. Also available in 18” & 24" lengths by special order. Sealer caps are offered in white or brown. This post protection system is pre-assembled with a bottom cap glued to the vinyl (PVC) sleeve, a rubber gasket, two stainless steel screws, and a two piece sealer cap.