Tongue & Groove, Good Neighbor Fence

Tongue & Groove, Good Neighbor Fence

Good Neighbor Fences are constructed using tongue & groove joinery
and are identical on both sides. They feature twelve top options to create
either semi-privacy or privacy panels, as well as a solid top to bottom
wood panel.
Tongue & Groove with 1" x 4" Boards (shown)
1" x 3" and 1" x 6" available
Semi-Private, Good Neighbor Fence

Semi-Private, Good Neighbor Fence

Semi-Custom Fences allow you to mix and match panels bases with
panel toppers. There are two tongue & groove panel bases (constructed
with 1" x 4" and 1" x 6" boards) plus a shadowbox base in either 4', 5'
or 6' heights. There are eight Topper styles to choose from, in 1' and 2'
heights depending on the base height you choose.
4' x 8' Base Panel (1" x 4" T&G Construction) plus a Diagonal Lattice
Topper (shown)
Lattice Screen Panels

Lattice Screen Panels

Lattice Panels are available in three panel shapes, Straight, Scalloped
and Crown, plus a Straight panel with a curved fascia. The available
heights range from 1' to 6' in 1' increments. Square lattice comes with
1.25", 2", or 4" spacing, while diagonal lattice comes in 0.75" or 2"
Straight Panel with 2" spaced Diagonal Lattice (shown)
Post & Rail Fence

Post & Rail Fence

Post & Rail fencing is available in either Cedar, Locust Posts with
Hardwood Rails or Pressure Treated Wood which has the same
appearance as the split rail locust fencing. Sections can be made up with
either 2, 3 or 4 rails (4 rail is a special order). There is also a diamond rail
type available utilizing 5" x 5" posts with 4" x 4" rail 8' long. Rail lengths
for the cedar are 10' and 11' for the hardware split rail. All the post & rail
types can have wire attached to them to meet pool codes or to keep
animals in or out.
Diamond Rail (shown)
Deer Fence, Steel 1" HEX Web

Deer Fence, Steel 1" HEX Web

Steel hex fencing is made of 20 gauge galvanized steel that resists
attempts by deer and other small animals to chew through. It is PVC
coated to protect the steel from wear and tear, the weather. Using a 1
inch mesh grid, the steel hex fencing is stronger than traditional square
mesh designs. The black PVC coating not only protects the it, but
creates a fence that is virtually unnoticeable from around 20 feet. These
features combined give you a life expectancy of 20-30 years.